Bespoke glass designs created just for you, helping you to keep your loved one’s ashes close to you in beautiful fused glass jewellery and keepsakes.

Glass is so magical, from how it sparkles in the light, to its luminescence and beauty. Its captivated me for many years and I love creating beautiful and distinctive designs that show off its amazing colours and sparkle, each one is unique.

Ash Fused Glass came about by accident after the sudden passing of my dad, I wanted to use my glass making skills to create some personal keepsakes for me, my mum and other family members. It was a way of helping us through our grief by knowing that a little bit of him is always nearby. Now I hope to also help youothers and create ‘Ash Fused Glass’ jewellery and keepsakes for them.

“from the ashes of sadness, a new creation is inspired!”

You too can have your own piece of ash fused glass made for you with your loved one’s ashes, a bespoke piece created for you with love. Choose your pendant or keepsake from a selection of designs and colours – visit shop and info

Come with me on my journey, Sam Rowena xx

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Work in progress

Can’t wait to share Ash Fused Glass memorial fused glass jewellery and keepsakes with you… I’m currently working on some experimental pieces, which I will be revealing shortly x sparkles of light, Sam Rowena

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