Commission your own bespoke ‘Ash Fused Glass’ pendants and keepsakes from September 2020

Each piece of Ash Fused Glass is unique, the alchemy happens in the kiln when the glass is fused together, sometimes bubbles are created, if you request a ‘heart’ and/or ‘dichroic sparkles’ to be included in your design, again each piece will turn out different. That’s why its magic!

For each commission, 2 pieces are created. This is due to the unknown factor, the ‘magic’ of the kiln and sometimes things can go wrong, ie. glass can move. The piece that turns out best will be your bespoke commission and the other sent to you as a keepsake. You might choose to have extra keepsakes or pendants made and then you will have spare pieces should you lose your pendant, they also make ideal gifts for family members.


Your bepoke pieces that are created especially for you cost £39 plus p&p

Why 5-6 weeks?
I begin creating your pieces as soon as possible and once I have enough work ready to go in the kiln (usually twice a month), your glass pieces are heated in the kiln for 24 hours. They are then prepared for glueing, it takes 1 week for the glue to fully cure/set and then your bespoke pendant and keepsake will be posted to you.

How robust are they?
It’s glass… but because of how I fire the pieces in the kiln for around 24 hours, it’s annealed (allowed to cool slowly) which creates a very robust glass. Other factors can affect glass, I use compatible glass types and for glueing the bail an epoxy glue that takes the impact if you drop the glass pendant.
If you drop your glass pendant and should the bail come loose, within 12 months of your purchase date I will re-glue it free of charge and you just pay p&p costs. After 12 months I charge a £10 fee plus p&p for gluing.

I want you to be happy with your Ash Fused Glass creation that has been lovingly made especially for you and would love your feedback on the service I provide you with. Please let me know your comments – contact me

created for you with love